Animals, Seasons and Elements within Humans


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BY Feng Shui Master Gabriella / Central Coast NSW Sydney Australia Interstate Worldwide

This Page Explores Different Celebrities and the relationship between the seasons, animals and elements, how they interlink within individuals.

A person may be born in the summertime however it doesn't necessarily mean that they are a summer person. If they are born in a month which governs Winter Elements as well as an hour which governs Winter Elements, they may very well end up as a Winter person. This is why, Environmental Astrology is far more sophisticated system. 

Starting off with Angelina Jolie's 'Desert', it is the kind of desert one finds near the ocean or a river. This is why her animal is symbolised by the Crab or Turtle and that she governs the element 'Sand' (as well as Metal).  These creatures will bury themselves in the sand until the end of winter when Spring is near, they will arise. That is why Angelina is associated with the 'Late Winter'.

Whereas, Princess Mary and Arnold Schwarzenegger, their deserts are dry deserts, and are very well inland, like the Sahara Desert. Instead these two celebrities are associated with the Summertime.

In the western world, science classifes this season associated with the crabs arising as 'Early Spring' however, in Chinese Metaphysics, there is a slight overlap, and I regard this phase as the 'Late Winter'. Still very close, not much difference!

Again, if we look at the Beavers. They are mostly associated with being able to build their own homes.

In 'Late-Spring', this is when they start to chop down the wood with their teeth. Science of the western world classifies instead this season as 'Early-Summer' - Chinese metaphysics interprets this season, instead, as 'Late-Spring'. Very close, just a marginal difference in interpretation of the seasons.

Princess Kate governs the great 'Ocean Seas', therefore Tuna Fish and Ocean Fish are the creatures which she governs, as well as the 'Moving Water' as her element.  Because ocean fish are cold blooded animals,  and are capable of travelling vasts distances even in the winter time, is the reason why she also governs the early winter period.  

Princess Kate also governs great travels, journeys, image, reputation and presentation because ocean fish are the highest migratory animal in the world and embody all those aspects.

Prince Charles governs the 'Lakes and Rivers' therefore he governs the Trouts, as a migratory fish, from the ocean, will travel to lakes and rivers to spawn again, even in winter time. Trouts also prefer cold water and can be very active in winter, which is why he governs the mid-winter season.

Due to these facts, Prince Charles governs the very essence of 'attraction' and 'romance' because his type of fish returns to the great lakes and rivers for leisurely pursuits.

Here below is a photograph taken of Prince Charles fishing, my I must say, he certainly does look like he is in his element!



Why does Prince Charles ALSO govern 'Ducks'?

During this season, of mid-winter, the lakes also begin to freeze and the waterfowl such as ducks or geese, will fly away in flocks as they can no longer stay on the lake. I have no knowledge of shooting as a sport but I can imagine this is an excellent time to undertake in the sport, due to this activity of birds, often occuring similar time as the Trouts. For this reason that Prince Charles also governs 'Waterfowl'. 

I can hardly blame Prince Charles for undertaking in the shooting sport, as such activity (no offence to those environmentalists) is very good for strengthening his soul and spirit (something that perhaps even a psychologist wouldn't ever suggest or ever grasp).

For this reason, fishing for trouts around lakes and rivers might also be more beneficial psychologically for Prince Charles, than the average person.

Here is another picture of Prince Charles undertaking in the sport and certainly again we see he is certainly in his element.


Some animals are good at hiding, others are resourceful such as the Beaver, that it can create it's their own home, others are good at travelling or hunting and yet other animals which are good at attracting. These are all traits that can be found in a human.

Each species has a special relationship with a particular landscape in nature which I won't highlight fully, at this present time. However, every person is born under one of them...

Schwarzenegger's mountain is also more deeply seated within himself, compared to Princess Mary's mountain which is further away, which is why I refer to Schwarzenegger as a 'Great Mountain Warlord King' and not just 'Warlord King'.

If you can imagine how the landscape of the movie was, with 'Conan The Barbarian' - that dry heated atmosphere, with the dry earth and rocky mountains, this is Schwarzenegger's prescribed scenery - 'Great Mountain Warlord King of the Dry Desert Lands'.

In the movie 'Conan the Barbarian' the back drop certainly does exhibit Arnold's governing scenery in nature and not only that, this movie also exhibits a dry rocky mountain, which Arnold also governs, such a mountain becoming major theme around him towards the end of the film:

In Environmental Astrology, Arnold is a 'Great Mountain Warlord of the Dry Desert Lands. Again in the movie 'Conan the Barbarian', not only is it a hot and dry but the mountain depicted here is a major theme of the movie, and Conan eventually conquers this mountain towards the end. This movie launched him into world wide success.

In Environmental Astrology, Arnold is a 'Great Mountain Warlord of the Dry Desert Lands. Again in the movie 'Conan the Barbarian', not only is it a hot and dry but the mountain depicted here is a major theme of the movie, and Conan eventually conquers this mountain towards the end. This movie launched him into world wide success.

Do some charts have royal-like configurations even if the person isn't royality? Yes they do!

Angelina Jolie has a rare and high configuration, of a very unusual type of Queen. Not many celebrities have this combination. It is almost like royalty.

Another celebrity who has royal-like status is Mel Gibson. He has an incredibly high configuration and I am not surprised to learn he is one of the most wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. It is interesting that Mel Gibson does govern the animal of the 'Beaver' as Mel Gibson governs 'The Wetlands'.

It is interesting that Mel did play a major part in a movie called 'The Beaver' where he brings to life a beaver puppet! 

Is this just a coincidence???

Is this just a coincidence???

Arnold Schwarzenegger also possesses a very high format but leans towards more the 'Warlord', than a 'King'. He is equivalent to some kind of King however in another way, as his profile reveals 'God's best Heavenly Warlord' or highest military leader - a very rare configuration.

Even though an actor, every single role he played he always held a gun and he played military/warlord like roles, especially 'Terminator' in many of his movies, which launched him into success.

Hugh Jackman isn't any King, Prince or Warlord, instead his profile represents him as a very high, dynamic and cunning Wood Sorcerer. He possesses a very high rating anyway, however the emphasis is on his intellect and craftiness with some very tricky and strategic qualities.

Because of this he is referred to as 'Great Cunning Wood Sorcerer' not just 'Wood Sorcerer'.

Are you a 'Daughter's Wizard of the Great Mountain Skies'? Or a 'Mountain Queen'? Perhaps you are a 'Leisure God of the Gladed Wood' or a 'Wizard of the Sandy Dunes'? What about a 'Fiery Collaborator of the Mid-Autumn Goats'?

You may even share my own: 'Graceful Scholarly Metal Sorceress of the Ocean Seas' and 'Graceful Scholarly Metal Sorceress of the Early-Winter Ocean Fishes'.

Perhaps you may be something more simple, a 'Wanderer of the Fiery Desert', a 'Lady of the Lake', or a 'Busy Spirit of the Rocky Caves? 

Such simple examples are far more common than the important people and celebrities previously described.

However, such individuals may share similar seasons and animals with such celebrities.

For example a 'Wanderer of the Early-Summer Lions'. This is a similar combination to Arnold Schwarzenegger's, who is also a 'Great Warlord King of the Early-Summer Lions',

Both people are born under the same elements, seasons and animals in nature, however one has a higher ranking than the other. Often this format is quite literal and the person with the higher ranking one, will almost always have, a much better outlook on life, or higher prosperity levels, compared to the other.

This proves we are not born equal, as our destiny determines that. Here's another comparison..

Queen Elizabeth II is a 'Graceful Warlord Queen of the Gladed Woodland Forest' and Hugh Jackman is a 'Great Cunning Wood Sorcerer of the Gladed Woodland Forest'. So here we have two important people, whom come from, similar environments in nature.

However a 'Queen' especially a 'Warlord Queen' will always outrank a 'Sorcerer'. Even though Hugh's 'Sorcerer' still has a high rating, therefore Hugh is instead a famous actor.

Whats unusual is, Angelina Jolie, she is a 'Sorceress' however also is a 'Queen' and that is why I think she is unusual, as she stands in a class of her own, right at the very top.

As outer qualities (environments) that each person may have in common, we also have inner energies individuals have in common.

For example Queen Elizabeth II, Schwarzenegger as well as Princess Mary, all possess the Warlord, so they each share these same powerful inner qualities. However, they all come from different environments in nature, making them all unique and different to each other. 

We have examined why certain season's are associated with certain animals, as certain animals are known for certain traits which make them specific to each season and element. The beavers are known for breaking down wood and creating their own home in the late spring, the ocean fish are known for travelling vasts distances and spawning even in winter, the lions are associated with hunting in dry lands, excelling in the summer time, and the crabs are able to arise to the surface during late winter after a long sleep. 

There are many more combinations which I won't go into for now, as these are just examples.

Once such traits are found within a human, perhaps only then can we truly understand the inner essence of a person and what they are truly made of.

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