• A brief online written summary of what to expect for the year ahead $90.00 each per person
  • Repeat customer are half price $45.00 per person
  • Payment is accepted via bank deposit/transfer

 - does not include any diagrams
 - consists of 2-3 pages
 - is a NON feng shui consultation
 - may require a phone call
 - is submitted to your email address

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reading protocol

While Gabriella does her best to generate the right calculation for each client, one must have an open mind and not expect to be only told nice things. Gabriella does not sugar coat her readings, her interpretations are based on the calculations purely. Gabriella will always need to confirm certain energies influencing you over the phone or via email. Undertaking this helps her to confirm whether a particular chart, really is yours. Only then is the reading submitted to you.

In some cases this is not possible and Gabriella reserves the right to conduct readings for any client for whichever reason she may choose. It can be difficult on the odd occasion to locate the chart of a particular person, some charts are more difficult to find that others. 

“She knew that my husband was cheating on me without ever mentioning it to her. She also mentioned the exact year of when it LAST happened, as he had done it before” -
— Anonymous, Central Coast 2016
“This was different than others I’ve tried and a much better wholesome approach”
— Julie, Melbourne 2016
“I like the fact that she tries to confirm various stuff about who you are over the phone, with some kind of calculation, before charging any money
— John, Palm Beach 2016
“Hired her for my son. She explained he had a configuration in his profile suggesting quite strongly cut throat relationships. Bad romances and he had a tendency for partying and entertainment. All true!
— Emerald NSW 2016